International Journal of Innovations in Engineering and Technology


Volume 11 Issue 1 – August 2018


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Aneesha T Ibrahim, Annette J K, Geethika S, Archana Naik

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Cause Effect Relationship of Dengue: A Mosquito-borne Disease

Anuradha Hait

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ZapDroid: Controlling intermittently Used Applications on 4G Mobile phones

Bramha Prakash H P, Dr. Manjaiah D H

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Handheld monitoring of lead level in drinking water in Rajasthan

Radhika Biyani, Arpita Vaishnav, Manish Biyani

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Information Approach In Constructing Mathematical Models And In Control Of Technological Systems For Processing The Low Rigidity Parts

L.F. Sulyukova

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Tightly Focusing Properties of Radially Polarized doughnut Gaussian Beam through a Uniaxial Birefringent Crystal

M.Lavanya, D.ThiruArul, K.B.Rajesh

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An Approach for Traffic Road-Signs Detection in Omnidirectional Images

Said Oukacha, Zakaria Kaddouri, Lhoussaine Masmoudi

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A Study of Easy Educational Data Mining for E-Learning Log Data from complex and large Dataset

S. Arumugam, A. Kovalan, A.E.Narayanan

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BER Performance for Joint Transmission CoMP with SFBC algorithm

Maryam Kareem Noor, Dr. Buthainan Mosa Omran

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Pushover Analysis of G+5 Reinforced Concrete Building in Basrah

Samir A.B. Jabbar Al-jassim, Mohanned Abdul Husssain

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