International Journal of Innovations in Engineering and Technology


Special Issue – ICAECE-2013

Special Issue – ICAECE-2013


A Survey of Recommender Systems: Approaches and Limitations

Meenakshi Sharma, Sandeep Mann

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Comparative Analysis of Cost Estimation for Agent Oriented Software & Traditional Software

Sapna Mahar , Dr. Pradeep Kumar Bhatia

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Order Reduction using Mihailov Criterion and Pade Approximations

J.S. Rana

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An Heuristic Approach N×3 Flow Shop Scheduling Problem In Which Processing Time Are Associated With Probabilities Including With Transportation Time And Job- Block Criteria

Deepak Gupta, Manjeet Kaur, Poojadeep Sehga, Payal Singla

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Minimization Of Makespan in Three Stage Flowshop Scheduling Problem Including Transportation Time And Job Block Criteria With Application Of Idle/Waiting Time Operator Oi,w

Deepak Gupta, Pooja Sharma, Hardeep Singh, Harminder Singh

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Minimization of Elapsed Time in N×3 Flow Shop Scheduling Problem, The Processing Time Associated With Probabilities Including Transportation Time

Deepak Gupta, Sourav Singla, Payal Singla, Sukhvir Singh

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Classification of Hierarchical Based Routing Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks

Abdul Gani Khan, Abdur Rahman, Neeti Bisht

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Implementation Procedure for Mobile Number Portability

M.Vinod Kumar Reddy S.Rajendra Prasad

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High Swing Ultra-Wide Bandwidth with Very High CMMR Fully Differential Operational Amplifier in 0.18µm CMOS

Priyanka Sharma , Rajesh Khatri

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Design and Analysis of Substation Grounding Grid with and Without Considering Seasonal Factors using EDSA Software

Mithun Mondal, Dr R.K Jarial, Satyaprakash Ram, Gurmeet Singh

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32- Band Hyper-spectral Image Compression using Embedded Zero Tree Wavelet

Harshit Kansal , Sanjay Mathur

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Handoff Schemes for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks: A Survey

Meenakshi Saini, Sandeep Mann

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Implementation of CNTFET Based 6-T SRAM Cell in Spice3

Rishu Goel, Isha Arora, Saurabh Gaur

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Discrete Wavelet Transform: A Technique for Speech Compression & Decompression

Sumit Kumar Singh, Sher Jung Khan, Mohit Kumar Singh

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Discrete Wavelet Transform: A Technique for Image Compression & Decompression

Sumit Kumar Singh, Sher Jung Khan, Mohit Kumar Singh

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