International Journal of Innovations in Engineering and Technology


Volume 11 Issue 2 – September 2018


Seismic Response Modification Of Stiffness Irregular Buildings Using Steel Strips

Anagha S, Nimiya Rose Joshuva

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Survey of Different Task Scheduling Algorithms in Cloud Environment

Swati Joshi, Dr. Sanjay Kumar Sharma

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Review On Single Point Micro Incremental Forming On Thin Foils

Dr. R. Sridhar, Ashwin Karivaradaraj.R, Jagadeesh E.S, Selvamani.S

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Boundary Layer Flow Of Incompressible Fluid past an Inclined Stretching Sheet and Heat Transfer

MamtaMisra, RavinsDohare, Naseem Ahmad

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A Circuit for the Relative Humidity Measurement with Capacitive Sensor

Monica-Anca Chita

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Speech/Music Change Point Detection using AANN

R. Thiruvengatanadhan

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Chambal River: -Chemical Analysis of water at selected point in Kota, Rajasthan

Rajeev K Chouhan, Rajneesh K Yadav, Punit Parashar, Anil K Bansal, R C Chhipa1

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Modification Techniques for Setback Structures Using Pushover Analysis

Resmi Vinod, Nimiya Rose Joshuva

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Face Tracking using Camshift in Head Gesture Recognition System

Rushikesh T. Bankar, Dr. Suresh S. Salankar

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Comparative performances of single, double slope solar stills using biomass Energy and solar Energy

A.Senthilrajan, C. Ramji

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Applying a EPD study on an LPG/SNG system in a steel factory

Khaled Habib Ezzat, Moustapha Salem Mansour, Ibrahim Ismail Ibrahim, Ahmed Badr ElDeeb, Yousra Hamdy Farid

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Evaluation of Organic Fertilizer Potentials of Different Forms of Siam Weed (Chromolaena odorata) Phyto-residues for Improved Performance of Late Season Maize (Zea mays) under Guinea Savanna Ecoregion of Nigeria

Babajide P.A., Okoro-Robinson M.O. Ogunrinde J.O., Popoola O.J., Oyedele T. A., Salami, T.B., Opasina, I.O

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Fixed Point Theorem using Generalized β – nonexpansive Mappings In Banach Space

S. P. Pandey, Dr. D.P. Shukla

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