International Journal of Innovations in Engineering and Technology


Volume 10 Issue 3 – June 2018


Control Strategy of Vienna Rectifier Using Different Parameters

Paulomi Sengupta, Dr. Goutam Mukhopadhyay

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An Exploratory Study On Life Skills Intervention And Its Impact On The Study Skills Among Young Adolescents

Daisy P.J, Dr. A. Radhakrishnan Nair

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Cryptocurrency: The Emerging or Engulfing Currency

Astha Rai, Devendra Bhavsar, Yash Saraswat

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Analysis of Performance and Interdependency of Crypto-Currencies

Maria Joma Elizabeth, Dr. K. Sunil Kumar

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Comparative study of multi storey buildings with conventional bricks and autoclaved aerated lightweight bricks considering with and without p-delta effect

Rajesh Ganiger, Pavan Gudi, Sachin Kulkarni

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Effect of Magnetized Ferro Fluids in Heat Exchanging- A Review

Rajesh Kocheril, Jacob Elias

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Automatic text summarization based on frequency count for Marathi e-Newspaper

Shubham Bhosale, Diksha Joshi, Vrushali Bhise, Rushali A. Deshmukh

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Preparation and Optical Properties of DracanaFragransDye Extract

Yin Maung Maung, Aye Mya Khaing, Khaing Nway Win, Than Than Win

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Coefficient of Consolidation: Simplified One Point Method

Binu Sharma

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Effect of Temperature on Biochar Product from Rice Husk Biomass

Than Than Win, Thinzar Lwin, Thin Thin Kyu, Yin Maung Maung

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An Analysis Of Customer Churn For Mobile Network Operators In Zimbabwe

Brain Kusotera, Fredy Chimire, Tichaona W Mapuwei

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Fourth-Order Binder cumulant to characterize the first-order phase transition of equilibrium and nonequilibrium systems

F. W. S. Lima

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Design of Plate Girders For Deck Type Railway Bridges

Parvathy Krishna kumar

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Unconventional Advertisement Taglines: A Linguistic Enquiry

Dr. Aditya Prakash, Amita Dhawan

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Buffer Size based Route Discovery Technique and Comparison with AODV

Binu K Banga

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