International Journal of Innovations in Engineering and Technology


Volume 4 Issue 4 – December 2014

Volume 4 Issue 4 – December 2014


Occurrence of Perchlorate in Drinking, Surface, Ground and Effluent Water from Various Parts of South India

J R Anoop Raj, L Muruganandam

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High Speed & High Frequency based Digital Up/Down Converter for WCDMA System

Arun Raj S.R

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Solution to CEED Problem using Classical Approach of Lagrange’s and PSO Algorithms

M Balaji, G Naresh

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Computing and comparing the minimum distance between two Bézier & interval Bézier curves

Megha Jain, Ashok Ganguly

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Application of Taguchi Method for Optimization of Process Parameters for Wear loss of LM25/Flyash Composite

Bharat Admile, G.Kulkarni, S.A. Sonawane

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Network Protocols and its Implication on Connectivity and Configuration

Gloria Chukwudebe, Emerole Kelechi

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Process optimization by Placket-Burman Designs for the Production of Protease Enzyme from Bacillus Subtilis under Submerged Fermentation

S. Meera Bai, N. Ramachandran

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Swindler Ingress Point Detection by Real Time Recognition of Transfer Characteristics

P. M. Dhanrao, Ketan Singh, Prajeet Sharma

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Fault Diagnosis of Windmill by FFT Analyzer

Poonam Bhaskar Sonawane, Prof. N.K.Kharate

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Study of Adiabatic Capillary Tube in Carbon Dioxide Refrigeration System

Jadhav Pravin, Neeraj Agrawal

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Color Local Texture Features Based Face Recognition

Priyanka V. Bankar, Anjali C. Pise

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Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Slag Reinforced Polymer Composite

N.VK.Prasad, Y.Suresh Kumar, Prasad Kalapala

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Non-linear static coupled field analysis of a piston in a four-stroke single cylinder diesel engine using ANSYS

B. Praveena, Y.Suresh Kumar, Kalapal Prasad

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Design and Stress Analysis 0f Various Cross Section of Hook

G.E.V.Ratnakumar, B. Jitendra Kumar, Kalapala Prasad

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Sequential Improvement of Quenching-Self-Tempering-Thermal-Treatment Rolling Process for a Modern Manufacturing System -A Case study

Atul Modi, D.A. Hindolia, Ravikant Sharma

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Thermodynamic Analysis of Two-Stage Turbocharging for Diesel Engine

Shahab H. Dabir, S. S. Umale

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A Study on Obstacle Avoiding Rectilinear Steiner tree Algorithms

Shyamala G, Dr. G R Prasad

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Performance Study of Used Cooking Oil Bio Diesel Blends on Peugeot Engine

Kishen Karumbaiah B J, Jnanesh M, Subbaiah K S, Sujith N S

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Analytical Hierarchical Process: Fundamentals and its Application

Surendra Pal, M.S. Bhadane, Dr. Chandra Babu

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Compressive Strength of Fly Ash Based Cement Concrete

Syed Afzal Basha, P.Pavithra, B.Sudharshan Reddy

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Review on Enhanced Fault Tolerance in WSAN with Minimal Topology Changes

Perraju P. Tetali, Prof. Garima Singh

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Performance of Bethamcherla Stone Powder Concrete under Sulphate Curing

J.Ushasree, Dr.N.Venkataramana, Syed Afzal Bash

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An Approach for Detection of Abnormality and its Severity Classification in Colour Fundus Images

Nandhini V, Jayadurga R, Nagarajan B

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Sinusoidalisation of the Input Current In Boost Type Rectifier using Sigma-Delta Modulation Schemes

Prof. Vasantkumar K. Upadhye

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Uncertainty Based Sampling Approach for Relevence Feedback in Content Based Image Retrieval

V.G Kottawar, Dr. Mrs.A.M.Rajurkar

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Detected Breast Cancer on Mammographic Image Classification Using Fuzzy C-Means Algorithm

S.Julian Savari Antony

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A Review on Applications of Coagulation-Flocculation and Ballast Flocculation for Water and Wastewater

Borchate S.S., Kulkarni G.S., Kore V. S., Kore S. V.

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Exploring issues in Mobile Governance- a select case of Kerala m-governance plan

Dr.Manish Shrimali, Ganpat Joshi

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Identification of running Vehicle using Vision Based Holistic Property of Registration Technique for Traffic Surveillance in India

Prachi Goyal, Chitvan Gupta

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Mobile Commerce: Security Challenges and Technologies

Dr. Manish Shrimali

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Removal of Chromium (VI) from Synthetic Solution using dead Spirulina Species

Prathima B, Praphulla Rao, Mangala

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Design & Fabrication of Nanofiltration Unit:
A Review

Kiran D. Bhuyar, Kruttika A. Loharkar, Renu Solanki

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Effect of Film Thickness on the Optical Properties of Las Thin Films Deposited by Spray Pyrolysis Technique

R.S. Meshram, R.M.Thombre, M. P. Tirpude

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Chaos Image Encryption Using Transposition and Pixel Shuffling

Pratyaksha Ranawat, Sarika Khandelwal

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Minimum Inhibitory Concentration of Staphylococcus Aureus against Vancomycin

M. Suganya, K. Dharmalingam, I. Shanmuga Sundari

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A Novel on understanding How IRIS Recognition works

Vijay Shinde, Prof. Prakash Tanwar

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In Vitro Anti-Proliferative Potential of Leaves of Costus Igneus

Prof.S.Dhanasekaran, M.Akshaya, S.Preethi

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Sniffeer Technology for Mobiles

Poonam Singla

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Digital Twin and Triple Spark Ignition in Four-Stroke Internal Combustion Engines of Two-Wheelers

G.V.N.B.Prabhkar, B.Kiran Babu, K.Durga Prasad

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Functional Encryption Algorithm for Communication in Cloud Computing based on Attribute Based Encryption (ABE)

Rajnish Choubey, Dr. Santosh K. Gandhi

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Grey Relational Analysis of Thin Wall Ductile Iron Casting

Bharat Ashok Tare, Vasudev D.Shinde

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Monitoring and Scheduling the Job in Heterogeneous system Using Hybrid Algorithm

K.Amsavalli, N.Rajkumar, K.Kishore Kumar, N.K.Senthil Kumar

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A study on engineering properties of textile ETP sludge based cement concrete

Sandesh N U, Varun K, Prashanth V P

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Gene Cloning, Protein Expression and FPLC Purification of Lec A from Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in E.Coli

M.Suganya, K.I.J .Melani Jerine, E.Swarnambigai, R Karpagam

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Effect of Process Parameters on Adsorption of Methylene Blue from Synthetic Effluent Using Jack Fruit Seed Powder

Anoop Raj J R, Anil K Das, Aishwarya B S, Sruthi Suresh

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Mobile Commerce: The New Era of Shopping

Mitesh Pravinchandra Mandaliya

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A Novel Secure Video Watermarking Scheme
using DWT & Random Frame Selection

Pavneet K Athwal, Ranpreet Kaur, Anuj K Gupta

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A Review of Image Stegnography Methods
Using Wavelet and Neural Networks

Anupriya Sohal, Dr. Lalita Bhutani

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Optimization of die-casting process parameters to identify optimized level for cycle time using Taguchi method

Mahesh N Adke, Shrikant V Karanjkar

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Image Watermarking In DCT, DWT and Their
Hybridization Using SVD: A Survey

Ramandeep Kaur, Harpal Singh

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Inventory Optimization by Fuzzy Logic for Deteriorating Items in sea food exports companies with Shortages under Fully Backlogged Conditions

B.Venkatanarayana, G.Vinay

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